Cpt.mustache Twitch Livestream Thread

Join in and Follow Captain mustache on its infinite flight journey.
make friends on the way and build a nice community!


https:twitch.tv/officialcptmustache <<

live promo


I would suggest posting in the thread linked below.

I’ll pop by if I can though.

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no thank you! i would like to have my own thread so it will be pinned on my profile. closed when done openend when streaming a new session.

thank you anyways

The purpose for having a main twitch thread is to avoid every user posting a twitch thread because that can clog the forum. Also this won’t be closed when your done streaming or opened when you are streaming.

Unfortunately as far as I am aware, this kind of self promotion isn’t allowed on the forum. I may be wrong

You could always link your twitch channel to your profile and post an update in the thread @Zhopkins provided above when you are live.

You can also have your account added here


nah thanks. im good.

of IFATC can make a twitch thread so can i and link it to my profile and people can always visit it.

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It’s not a matter if you don’t want to do that, it’s a matter of you can do that or have this thread closed. Every user having a twitch streaming thread would just clog the forum which is why we have these databases for users to post their twitch links and announce when they are live.

@Dan_77 and @Zhopkins have provided two great topic for you to announce when you are live and to post your links in.


We have a Twitch database, plus an allowance for posting streams in #screenshots-and-videos on the day of the steam only.

Please use them and not individual threads.