Cpt_Jules ATC Tracking Thread @ EGCC [CLOSED]


Any feedback will be appreciated, thanks guys


Regreting pattern work is not allowed, your t/o command looks good.
Anyway, is this a atc tracking thread ?


Regretting pattern work? How do you mean


You told me that ‘unable pattern work’ so I’m a bit sad here. Nvm lol


Sorry about that, my understanding of pattern is direction around the airport to ease traffic landing and taking off? It really isn’t that busy here so I assumed pattern work was not required? I will have a look at tutorials to brush up 👍🏼


Here’s a pattern work! This may help you a bit. Hope so.



Open and ready for feedback


Back on tmrw


Open now until 20.00 UK time, appreciate any feedback. Thanks


Nice session, thanks all another 12 operations gained 👍🏼


Open until 8pm UK time thanks


Here for a couple of hours, feedback as always please 👍🏼


Thanks as always for those who were here 👍🏼