CPT_HILD's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello everyone! Over the summer I had a tracking thread open for a short time. Now that I’m old enough, I’m going to embark on my official run to be a controller. For the first few sessions I do apologize in advanced that I’ll be pretty rusty. I hope to see you all at many airports around the world!

Display Name: CPT_HILD
Status: Open from 2021-05-04T01:30:00Z till 2021-05-04T02:30:00Z
Server: Training
Airport: Tyndall AFB (KPAM)
Frequencies: Ground&Tower

Hope to see everyone shortly. Once again I do apologize in advanced for any rust.


Tyndall AFB (KPAM) is now open. Runway 14R&14L are in operation. Please be respectful and mindful of other pilots. See you there!

I was LYVA002. Here Is my feedback

First Pattern:



You did this weird change and moved me to the other side of the airport for no reason. I recommend to keep people on the same side of the airport if possible. Just makes operations flow better.

Forgot to clear me as well


You could’ve combined the pattern entry as well as a sequence into one

Runway exit - when telling someone to exit the runway, unless they are required to go in a specific direction, don’t tell me I have to exit left. Just tell me them exit anywhere because I should get the option to exit right if I need to go to a terminal. By telling me to exit left, you basically took me to a holding pit of nowhere.

Overall, OK job for your first session but you definitely have some things you need to work on. Good luck and I hope to be at more sessions of yours!

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Closed for night. Sorry to stop early. Thanks to @CaptainZac, @Nightt, and @Z-Tube! Any feedback is welcome. See you next time.

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Thank you for the feedback! Thanks for coming and see you in the future.

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