CPT_HILD's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Ok, I might stop by tommorow then.

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Ground and Tower is open at Dubai come spawn in.


I will drop now

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Im coming, be there in a minute


Okay a couple things

  1. Your atc response time is a bit slow
    2 . I was on final you cleared a plane to Takeoff
    3 everything else was good
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Alright, so I think that you should really take a look at the #tutorials page, since you really were not sequencing and clearing me well. Also, these should be helpful too:

One last thing that I really recommend is to look thought this:

Good luck with you ATC!


Alright, so yeah. Pattern entries and sequencing is what you need to work on. Watch the tutorials on YouTube (Perfect Test and Sequencing). Remember, pattern entry for RWY change and inbound. Sequencing is a must! If you need to give them a pattern entry and a sequence, do that! (Pattern Instructions, then sequence) Also make sure you have a the patterns right.


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I’m most likely going to open up later. Thanks everyone.

i’m open at Sydney if anyone wants to work on pattern work.

im controlling tower at dubai if anyone wants to do pattern work with me.

come spawn into KMIA i got ground and tower open

Remember to tell me to make right or left traffic when I say that I am remaining in the pattern.

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Auckland Ground and Tower is now open

Singapore Ground and Tower is open.

Hey there! I just did a quick takeoff and landing in the F-16 (I know, my taxi job was not great and landing was of Ryanair quality). A few comments: when I requested pushback, that was actually an invalid request because the F-16 can’t pushback, and I wasn’t parked in a position where pushback was required. Instead of replying pushback approved, a simple directive to taxi to the active runway should/would suffice. When I requested to change frequency from ground to tower, a “You were already instructed to change frequency” message should have been used, since the taxi instructions stated I was cleared to switch to tower when ready at the runway. Don’t be afraid to use that button, you’re not being mean by doing so :)! After I departed, I didn’t request a frequency change. In that case, you would issue one when it is safe to do so instead of waiting for me to request a frequency change. I was way outside of your airspace before I requested a change. Lastly, when I requested landing on 02C, you responded with 20C. I wasn’t sure if that was confusion between the numbers, or intentional. However, takeoffs and landings on parallel runways are usually in the same direction, so I personally would not have let myself land on 02C, but rather, from the other direction. Thanks for ATCing!

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The flight before u used the 20 runways so I assumed that was the active runway. Anyway thanks for the advice.

Hey, well done!

You’ve definitely been improving but still have a small bit of feedback which I’ll add below;

  • When I initially called inbound, I needed a pattern entry before the clearance. In that case, I needed a left downwind entry.

  • After my first clearance, I needed an “after the option, make left traffic”. I wouldn’t need this if I departed from your airport but I would need it since I’m coming for a different airport.

  • I would also like to remind you that you should clear me on crosswind/downwind as I seem to need to remind you to clear me.

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When someone takes off do I tell that person “ frequency change approved” or do I wait for them to “request frequency change”.

From what I’ve seen, ATC will tell them, otherwise you’ll have some guy on Tower 500nm out. Don’t wait until they request (sometimes people forget, they’ll never request). Get em off your channel when appropriate.

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I like to do around 600-700ft AAL if they intend to depart your airspace. You can hand them off whenever you want though if it’s close enough to that.

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