CPT_Colorado's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A (PRACTICAL PASSED)

I wouldn’t recommend JFK. But if you think it’s suitable then go ahead. Just be prepared for trolls.

@Sashaz55 There aren’t any, all grade 2’s except for @ToasterStroodie

Hey! Sorry for the quick session; pretty good job! Runway changes, clearances, sequencing were all correct. One note: you seemed to be using progressive taxi instructions for quite a few aircraft; I wouldn’t use them unless you need to (i.e. avoid conflicts or if an aircraft is very evidently lost). That said, not sure why you wanted me to make a 180 which would’ve taken me through the grass, but your next command remedied that. Also be sure to tell aircraft to continue at their discretion if they don’t need any more progressive taxi instructions. Other than that, great job!

Thanks @ToasterStroodie , I was doing progressive instructions because I was bored

Eh fair enough then lol

I’ll join in

Sorry @Vignesh_S

Ahem conflict ahem

What’s your callsign

Air Force 761

You disconnected

Even if I wasn’t in this you needed to call a 180 in the progressive taxi instructions

Sorry about that

It’s ok lol. I may have intentionally created that conflict to see what you would do, just watch out next time for something like this.

I was so focused on tower I sorry

It’s ok lol, that’s what happens sometimes when you just control 2 frequencies at once, it’s common

It’s all good. And u did really well. The go around was confusing but I guess u assumed JetBlue was gonna land still eventhough u told him to go around. Good job overall

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Yea and a grade 2 user flew through you

😑 Training Server…

It happens