CPT_Colorado's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A (PRACTICAL PASSED)

Hi, i am open on the tower and ground frequency at KDEN. On the Training server


Hello, I was N458WU! Here’s my feedback:

  • I would have issued a “expect runway XX” on my pushback. It wasn’t necessary, but if you don’t, the aircraft may face towards the direction opposite of where you want them to.
  • Very good job on the pattern work instructions! Especially on my runway change.

Overall, you did a terrific job! You really got the fundamentals down.

Just a suggestion, if you want to work on pattern work in your tracking thread, I would recommend using a different airport that DEN. With all the runways and the layout of the airport, it can be difficult. I’d recommend smaller airports, with fewer runways… preferably parallel. But it’s all up to you!

Again, great job! Good luck becoming IFATC, and hope to see you around! :)


Hi, I will be open at KBUF now for a few minutes join and fly some patterns

Ok gotta go, I’m closed now

Hi, I’m open again at KBUF in the training server

I can’t come right now! But I will when your open next time! Btw nice choice of the airport 😉

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this airport is broken lol

No it’s not, looks fine

i’m falling through the ground

Try again, it seems to be a problem all around IF

i tried 5 times already

@Z-Tube said to do a reset then it will work

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look at the cargo ramp

Yea I see you falling lol

@Itsumi try a different gate

nope didn’t work

Ok, I am changing airports

I changed to KTPA

Open now at KBUF location might change but I will be open for a while

I changed location to KJFK. Airport is pretty inactive not much going on. Come fly some patterns