Cozumel Mexico Flyout

Welcome to the small Island of Cozumel, Mexico
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Welcome to the first ever Cozumel Flyout! This is a small touristic Island off of the coast of Cancun. This Island is a popular stop for Cruses and people who do not want to go to the crowds of Cancun or Cabo.
Lets fill this tiny little Airport to the Max.

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Gate Assignments(Thanks to @Butter575 for the gates)

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
01 Rouge Canada A319 Toronto
02 Westjet 737-800 Toronto @United403
03 Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis
04 Southwest 737-800 Houston
05 United 737-800 Chicago
06 American 737-80 Miami

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ATC Assignments:
Ground: @Ryan_Carney
Tower: @Ryan_Carney

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  • I am not responsible for any violations
  • Please spawn in 10 minutes before event
  • Please listen to ATC
  • Please be realistic and respectful
  • HAVE FUN!!

Please and thank you my amazing friend

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