Coyotes and Big Birds @KHSP


Yes tis I. I thought it would be fun to pop back to post a super cool spotting opportunity I got this weekend so enjoy!

First, starting off strong with a Boeing PT17 wing walkers

Next we have the presentation of the American flag with the skydiver and a C182

RJ Ritter in the beloved Super Decathlon

This is Jason Flood. He is the only stunt pilot known to still be flying aerobatics with a stent in one of his major arteries.

And to finish it off here is a picture of the airport that was my home for a night and the bugs were terrible, and coyotes were a thing, but defiantly an awesome experience!

I took well over 400 photos at this airshow so if you’d like to see anymore please pm me. As you may know I’m not as active so if I don’t respond I’ll get back to you next time.


Amazing Pictures!


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