Cowtown Flyover

A few weeks I went to an airshow in Fort Worth and it was pretty neat, so here are some photos!
Adam Baker doin his thing


That’s a nice Lambo, oh and the Blue Angels are pretty neat too

What a beaut

Blue Angels Timeeee

Hope y’all enjoyed!


Lies. Fake. Stolen photos. Caleb doesn’t spot anymore. Stick to rolling Kia Sportages instead.


Anyone else just find it crazy how us humans can do stuff like this?


yeah, esp when they do the one inverted, one right side up fly into each other move

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Ah shoot you caught me 🏃🏻‍♂️

I was there too!!

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Oh that’s cool!

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Who is this guy named Speedyyy?

And driving V6s poorly.

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Me when I shift at 5500 rpm but the redline is 7k


Saw the blue angels flyover TCU baseball stadium while I was working their game that weekend


Oh awesome!

Great shots! The Lambo probably isn’t used to being around cooler vehicles than itself (though I live the colour scheme, Gulf colours).

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Who owned the Lamborghini? Nice photos by the way.

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Got to watch them from my house, formation flew right over which was cool. Great shots!

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Yeah I know. Thanks haha

Thank ya. You know, I’m not sure.

Oh awesome. Thanks!

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