Covid Spotting at KSJC

Today, I decided to go to KSJC to spot. I had a decent experience here, but I had a very bad camera (A Pixel 2) and I did not have the best location, so I did not try to take a photo of a landing; it would have turned out atrociously. Eh. I tried.

One can see the crappiness of my lens in this photo. This was the only AAL plane I saw that day, so I decided to keep the photo.
Due to the restrictions on international air travel, seeing this plane was a surprise - it belongs to a Mexican airline. Also, it is an a320 neo, which means that this plane is less than 3 years old.
One of the numerous Southwest 737s I saw today.
This is my first time spotting. Yes. Bad.


👀 @BigBert10 Get a load of this!


Hey @AGSilver_04,

While I live near KSJC & love the pictures, I think it may be a good idea to check the "About Spotting Category” for photo quality. That way, you’ll be able to post your best pictures yet :)

About the Spotting Category


This was a “practice run”. I have a better camera, but I could not find it when I left my home.

Check out google maps on airport blvd you can get some great shots in the afternoon standing in the dirt between the airport’s fence and the road. That’s where most spotters go at sjc



If you’re able to add maybe a few more sentences about your spotting trip (cool sights, unusual aircraft, anything else interesting) I’ll permit this topic to remain open. Right now its a bit borderline given that numerous photos are pixelated and do go against the #real-world-aviation:spotting guidelines (quoted below). We understand that not everyone has a camera powerful enough to generate great quality, but you’re able to compensate and make up for this deficiency by adding some more detail. Looked like a great trip nonetheless!



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