COVID Goals on IF

The unite for yam dreaming one with @QantasVirtualGroup


My goal is to reach 2mill XP. Currently have 500k to go 🤣

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I have achieved my ‘goals’ a little too quick! 😂

Achieved Grade 5 and maintained it. ✅
Achieved 3 million XP ✅

What I really want to do, is get my landings and hours up in the 737 now. I have always flown the a320 family, but now I want to fly the 737 a lot more!


Forum goals met: I regained the title of regular that should have never been given to me in the first place.

Simulator Goals met: absolutely nothing

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Get and maintain grade 4 and higher. I have over 2mil XP but never fly enough to get the landings count each 90 days


Uhh idk, maybe try to aim for 1000 flight hours. Wait NVM we are out of lockdown so it’s not really a ‘COVID’ goal now



I started making IF timelapses
I joined two virtual airlines
Tried to create my own VA but someone stole the reservation lol
I tried creating another VA, and the same thing happened 😂

I forgot about this, but it’s been on my list for months now.

My main mission in the life of IF/IFC is to see my name on the “very good hall of fame” AKA @Robertine’s friend list

hint hint

In all seriousness, I finally decided to join a VO. You’ll see what it is in time to come 🙃

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I think my four main goals are:

Achieve Grade 5

Get into IFAE

Get back into IFATC (waiting for 20.1 features, both to get used to, and to try out a few things that I can’t as IFATC for a while)

Reach 4,000 flying hours. (At the time of this post was at 3,883)

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✔️: Reach Grade 4
✔️: Reach 500 Landings
❌: Reach 300hrs Flying Time
❌: Reach Grade 5
❌: Reach 1000 Landings

All before 28th June when my IF Pro runs out.

I’ve joined more VAs. We’ll see if I can keep up with activity when things get back to normal 😂😂

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Yea join a good VA and try to get to the highest rank

Transatlantic or pacific flight in a TBM, Cessna, or other GA aircraft

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My goals for the next few months…

Get VA approved ✔️
Pass IFATC Practical ✔️
Hit 2000 hours (currently 1800) ✔️

My Covid Goals:

  • Achieve 1.5M XP
  • Get into IFAE & IFAEGAF
  • Achieve 3000 operations.
  • Achieve 3000 landings
  • Start an ATC tracking thread!


You’re in :)

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I’m trying to think of something smart to say but I can’t, so I’ll just go with thanks for now. 😂

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  • Get into a VA (Trying!!)
  • Do an aerial refueling session (Not done yet, have no time as a High school kid)
  • Get more XP
  • Get no further vios!!!
  • Try to make a successful feature request (My last one was a FAILURE
  • Get Gladys Berejiklian (no politics offenses) to play IF (this last one is never going to be a reality, if only it was)

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