COVID Goals on IF

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic. I’m starting to get bored and was wonder if y’all have any goals that you’ve accomplished and you’d like to share with everyone.

Also, if you have any suggestions for movies or books feel free to share them!

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I take it you mean IF specific goals?

What type of goals? I think I’ve met a few in a bunch of different areas.

I’ve learned more things about SID’s and STAR’s. Very fun approaches and departures to do ngl
I’ve also learned more about the procedures that IFATC follows such as doing an approach correctly, and understanding patterns for in-depth. Such as jets remain at a pattern of 1500ft and GA’s are around 1000ft.

Related to Aviation I would recommend Sully
Not related at all I would recommend Money Heist

Also I hope all is well with you and your family during these times.


Any goals in general. Just trying to have a conversation with the community that is different than you’d usually see on here.

For this to stay open we need to keep it IF focused to follow the category rules.


I made 500 hours (not just during this thing, but total), I might apply for and make IFATC really soon, I’ve completed a few long hauls, and probably more.

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A goal im proud of is flying on expert server. For years I have been scared to fly on the server. I know im chicken lol


I’ve been able to make lots of events

For me it was get ghosted (twice) LOL. Hoping no moderators catch onto this

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That’s a goal you wanted to achieve? Interesting.

fly to other parts of the world (places that are not as explored)

Nope, just a world reccord. What I did achieve was 40,000 XP to get onto expert, then I got ghosted twice LOL.

Or even maybe doing my first event with @QantasVirtualGroup :). In addition plane drawing. Also, being able to spot planes is nice, when it was before AU declared a pandemic, so I got to see some big planes i.e 747, 777, 767?, A330, And the one, and only, A380


During this quarantine it’s allowed to me to surpass the 3M XP mark! I’ve also been able to explore and control so many amazing and cool places around the world!

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Passing the 500,000 XP mark as we speak. Planning to build up to a good million by the end of the summer, since I won’t be traveling abroad like normal. Also, I hope to start IFATC radar training when summer begins. I hope to continue maintaining and expanding my VA as well.

@Asher, you know we’ll be doing a lot of group flights this summer :)

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I’ve heard that the money heist is really good…
I’ve also learned a lot about SIDS/STARS and how they are most effective. Also @Thunderbolt, congrats on 500,000! It’s a big number and you should feel very accomplished!

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I am checking more countries off for my long-term goal of visiting every country… currently at 69/190.


Got into IFATC

What event did you do? We’re glad to have you fly with us :)

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