COVID Flying

I hope this message finds everyone safe, healthy, and well rested.

I was wondering if anyone could share their experience flying during the COVID-19 pandemic. What are various airlines doing that you like? What are they doing that you do not like and how could they improve your experience? How many people were in the airport or on your aircraft? Were you required to wear a mask? Did you feel the airline provided a safe atmosphere?

This threat serves as a place to get information about the current or recent flying status, both domestically (in the US) and internationally. It does not serve as a place to disrespect airlines or those that disagree with your view.


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Here’s one community member’s experience as well :)

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@Captain_Trigger21 i am sorry that several users came here just to try close your topic. I have not flown yet but i am going to in early July so I can tell you about that experience.


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Anyways I’m flying on Wednesday I can let you know how it went @Captain_Trigger21

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But since you are asking here is my short news. 😉

Every Airline is struggling to cope with this pandemic as Flights are cancelled.

For my local airline Aer Lingus, there is an ongoing operation of daily flights to Beijing. These special flights are operated by the Airbus A330 fleet, converted to a freighter. These aircraft carry medical supplies or so called “PPE” (Personal Protective Equipment), to keep the Cargo stock piled up in case of another pandemic.

Another Popular Irish Low Cost Airline, Ryanair is planning to operate a quarter of its flights again from the Middle and the end of Summer.

This is the focus of the topic I linked. It was a community member’s experience flying during COVID. I wasn’t saying to close this topic, I was giving them what someone said :)

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Sadly I’ve not been able to fly during this pandemic (parents 🙄), I’ve still got one paid lesson to be had!

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I’m waiting on Canada’s borders to open up, rumoured that I could fly out sometime in August. Even though it’s not suggested to travel, I still have to since I have to meet my new baby sister that was born this year. Her and my dad lives overseas so sadly I couldn’t be with them. I’ll make sure to report my trip if I do go.


I made a trek from Lusaka to Atlanta about a month ago. We had to go LUN-ADD-DUB-IAD-ATL. On the first and last legs (Lusaka to Addis and Washington to Atlanta), there were like 5 other people on the flight.

The flight from Lusaka to Addis is on an Ethiopian a350, and they had the entire back of the plane blocked off. The seats were covered in plastic. Everyone got first class seats, which was pretty nice (though it’s only like a 4 hr flight)!

The flight from Addis to Washington with a stopover in Dublin was much more full. I didn’t notice any difference in seating due to social distancing; we were seated pretty normally. This was on a 777, and there still weren’t many open seats. Honestly, it was a little concerning, but I’m Covid-free, so I guess it worked out.

The final flight was from Washington to Atlanta and was also very empty. It was on an MD-88, and if I had known it was going to be one of it’s last flights, I probably would have recorded it in some way :(. Pretty standard, though it was wild to see Atlanta so dormant and quiet. I also was lucky to have a seat on the left side of the plane, so I had a view of the numerous Delta planes lined up and parked on 10/28. I should have gotten pics.


I have a return flight to Ireland booked as there are rumours that the quarantine restrictions will be lifted soon. We have booked it with Aer Lingus, which has a good reputation for refunds and/or flight rescheduling.

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I wish you the best of luck on your travels!

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Awesome comment! Sounds like a very interesting trip and I am glad you were able to stay healthy!

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I should also mention that I’m also flying in early July as well. Flying to Dallas this week and Phoenix July9th. Me and the rest of my baseball team I’m traveling with is taking all the necessary precautions. It’s gonna be interesting how it goes

First flight back after 3 months! It was amazing every pax was relaxed & friendly didn’t feel like anything different really. Just no onboard service

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Sorry if this isn’t really what you asked, but I flew in the early stages of corona (In March) as it was starting to rise. It was a mix of wearing masks and not, but now that more people are wearing masks the airport is probably full of people wearing masks. I flew on delta and each person in my family (5 people) got our own row flying back to MCO. Flying from MCO-SEA was more full, but I still got my own row because I asked the flight attendant. From SEA-SLC was a 737-900 I believe and that flight was very packed. In the rows that my family was in, they were all full. Delta handled it very well in my experience, and I have no complaints. I will hopefully be flying to Europe this summer (seems very unlikely) and was supposed to be on a Virgin Atlantic 747, (RIP) so I will see what the experience is like. Again, sorry if I didn’t post what you were asking for but it’s the best I can do.