COVID-19 & the State of Indian Aviation Industry

The combination of COVID-related travel restrictions and an economic downturn is likely to result in 1Q FY2021 being a virtual washout for the Indian industry

The pandemic has caused a sudden squeeze in demand, accentuated by a week-long ban on domestic flights

Barely a year after the grounding of Jet Airways (India) Ltd, more airlines in India are staring at a potential collapse in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, according to industry officials.

The pandemic has caused a sudden squeeze in demand for air travel, accentuated by a week-long ban on domestic flights by the government.

Though the government has said that the suspension, which starts from Wednesday, would be reviewed on 31 March, it could be extended further as the pandemic is continuing to spread across the country.

Just as things were looking better, just as fares were beginning to pick up, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the sector At present, with all aircraft grounded, airlines are losing money, adding that airlines don’t make money when their planes are grounded

Even if the government supports a bail-out for the aviation industry, at least one airline could be in a difficult position to continue with their operations. And if the government doesn’t support a bailout, more than one airline could be gasping for their lives.

Preventing Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Guideline
for Airlines
1. The only way to check the spread so far is through social distancing.
2.Personal Protection for Crew, Maintenance Personnel and Cleaners.
3.Temperature Screening.
4.Advice for In-flight Service.
5.Routine Cleaning and Preventative Disinfection of Aircraft.
6.Aircraft Routine Maintenance.
Handling of In-flight Medical Emergency Events.
7.Quarantine Management for Crew Members.
8.Prevention and Control Measures for Special Transport Missions (Charter
Flights) to/from Countries/Regions Severely Impacted by the Epidemic.
10.Recommendations on Prevention and Control Measures for the Flights
Originating from Countries/Regions Severely Impacted by the Epidemic.
11. Recommendations on the Management of Crew Flying Stationed Abroad on
Duty .
12. Matters Deserves Attention Regarding Psychological Self-regulation for Frontline Personnel of Airlines.
13. Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

I would like to thank the lovely people specially the captains and crews who operated the rescue flights for they didn’t take more than a second to give their nods. How I wish this world had more such lovely people.

To you Mr. Corona, we Indians now declare

We’ll lay you to rest, we seek no fanfare
Enough is enough, away from the glare
We’ll rid the Planet of the COVID-19 nightmare.
And we Pilots, my friends, will soon take to the air
Joyous music, from every grateful country, will blare.

Our wings are clipped for now
But we were always meant to soar
So it’s just a matter of time
Before we take flight again
To widen your horizons once more
Through howling winds and pouring rain,
We’ll take you back to memory lane.
Our spirits you will never tame.


Special Thanks to @IndiGo_Virtual @hari.shreyas and team for the support #stay safe


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