COVID-19 Support, how IF is helping me

Thank you IF! Your sim has given me something to look forward to at the end of the day after I put the kids to bed (and sometimes during the day as I work from home ;)).


Hope you are having fun, stay safe!

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Happy you are motivated. 😊

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It’s great to see how beneficial a flight simulator and community of people can be in these times, we can lift each other up and we should be doing that. If someone isn’t feeling the best you should help them, if you find something that helps you, you should share that, thanks for writing this!


An instant cure for cabin fever indeed. Never get tired of it.

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IF is just the best… Nothing has beat it yet in my opinion as to what to do at home except a 1000 piece puzzle.

You should read this 😎



I’m in complete agreement on this one.
I work in the funeral profession and IF is a nice break away from the realities of what’s going outside etc.
Really is a nice relaxing end to an evening.

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The IF at the moment is being very good! Taking the opportunity to learn lots of things in flight and tutorial articles. It’s great to be flying and relaxing.

Stay home and enjoy IF,enjoy yourself and take care.

Well, I think IF is helping a lot of people! 🙂

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Yep Infinite Flight is sure giving some fun to the world of aviation during these dark times… the skies of infinite flight are filled it is amazing to see everyone come together and show each other such support and make this sim so much better… as the devs said we all have a group of friends on this community and we should be in touch checking in with them and making sure they are doing fine.

@Omar the amount of planes on the LiveFlight map and in Infinite Flight is amazing…

Don’t make me go back to that shelf in my room. There all still there, don’t make me want to do that.

Oh no, I’m walking, I can’t stop…

Books are coming off the shelf…


Actually, those people are on one server only! IF is packed on all servers these days👌

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