Covid-19 Spotting | @KDEN | 5/28/20 Part 2

Hello Everyone,
Welcome too Part 2 of my spotting topic. If you missed part 1. Click Down below

There was a lot of traffic today at DEN. I got over 1,000 photos within the 2 hours I was there. These weather conditions were not Ideal. My pictures turned out ok, it is not my best work but I made the best of what I had because at the end of the day I am extremely grateful and lucky to be able to afford my gear and be able to spot.

United 777-200ER arriving on 35R flying in from Chicago O’Hare

Delta A220 arriving on 35R from Salt Lake City

United 757-200 on short final for 35R arriving from ORD

United 767-300ER climbing out of runway 25 at DEN heading to IAH

Boutique Air Pilatus PC-12 arriving on 35R from Alamosa, CO

United A320 heading out to Sacramento

United Express E175 new livery arriving on 35R from Wichita, KS

Southwest 737-800 climbing out of DEN heading to Las Vegas, NV

Southwest 737-800 rocking the Canyon Blue livery ( @Luke_Sta ) arriving on 35R from San Diego

Thanks for viewing :)
Disclaimer: Do NOT use any photos without my permission. Please let me know if you use them

Equipment: Canon t4i, Sigma 100-400mm lens | Edited in Lightroom

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Thanks for Stopping By! Stay Safe Out there :)


Delta A220!!😍

Very nice photos!

The United A320 is stunning. Good stuff!

Congrats, I think you caught one of the the last Canyon blue 737-800s without split scimitars coolio

Nice shots Tyler! That Tyler tilt is prominent lol

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What’s the deal with DEN why is everyone spotting there right now?

i’m jealous 😡😡

We just have a lot of spotters based there. There’s a lot more people that spot at DEN than you think. I know about 15 dudes who spot at DEN

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My favourite airplane captured very, very well here!

Also some other really great pictures in this topic! Thanks for sharing!

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For a second I thought you were gonna give us all 1000 pics

Great photo KDEN is a great airport to spot

Nice photos!



I like A220.

@Tsumia like A220.

I tag him becuase we both like A220.

Nice A220 shot.

That is beautiful!!!


Hell yes.

You liked A220 like seconds before me 😥

Blimmin pointless tag 😂

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Tyler tilt tyler tilt tyler tilt tyler tilt

The Tyler tilt

Dont expect to get accepted in Canada, if you call the CSeries a name that hurts Canadian Culture

Say it louder for the people in the back

People really do like the CSeries.


DANG. The A220? Those things are elusive where I’m at 😂

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