Covid-19 Spotting | @KDEN | 5/28/20 Part. 1

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 2.49.44 PM

I took this picture in my backyard. KLM 100 Year Livery on final at ORD.

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Nice shot!

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This one is my favorite :)

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If you want to share your shots we’d love to see them, but you should remake your own topic unless that relates to @den.aviation’s post in some way I’m not seeing…

Absolutely stunning pictures! And a really cut prairie dog :)

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!! Ngl the prairie dog would not stop barking at me


I love that shot too. @Etrain did a very clean edit


Yes, I agree 🙂

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Dang! That’s an expensive camera setup! Love the photos! Keep up the awesome work! :)

Yes it is. The camera is from my parents since they don’t use it anymore. Then I saved up my money for my lens which was about 650. I’m extremely grateful that I can have and afford my gear.

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Nice Shots, Have you ever been to YVR? Your camera would work amazing at Terra Nova

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I have not. I’m only 15 so I hope to visit YVR sometime soon.

Part 2 will be out tomorrow or Sunday. Depends on my schedule

Nice photos,stay safe:)

This is something that definitely didn’t happen to me yet!

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