Covid-19 Spotting | @KDEN | 5/28/20 Part. 1

Hello everyone
After 12 weeks of being in stuck inside my parents finally let me go spotting. There was a lot of traffic today at DEN. I got over 1,000 photos within the 2 hours I was there. For the first hour I spotted it was cloudy. But then when I went to go catch departures it got sunny out which mean’t good lighting. So here is part 1 of my spotting trip.

United Express E175 New Livery on short final for 35R

United 772 on short final for 35R inbound from ORD (Tylertilt.exe has left the chat)

JetBlue A320 climbing out of DEN heading to ABQ

Southwest 737-800 climbing out of DEN heading to somewhere on the West Coast

Denver Air Connection Dornier 328 heading out to Colvis, NM

Another Southwest 737-800 climbing out of DEN heading to the West Coast

United A319 new livery heading out to San Diego

United A319 heading out to Ontario, California

Collab with @Etrain My Photo his edit

Thanks for viewing :)
Equipment: Canon t4i, Sigma 100-400mm lens

Instagram: Um yeah I would put it here but its disabled temporarily for personal reasons.

Who needs birds when you have a prairie dog

Anyways, Thanks for viewing! Hope you enjoyed!


I don’t know what it is about that photo, but holyyyyyy 🥵


My hometown airport!!! Nice pictures I LOVE THE B787

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United needs to wash their planes

also IFC clout +10


Tyler, hope you’re doing well regarding COVID-19 and the other situation…great photos.


It’s back in this picture though


Wow, that last United 787 was great. Nice shot @den.aviation, and great edit, @Etrain!

Woah this picture is nice!!


It always comes back


Last one is great! The edit makes it better!

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That’s not bad for a departure shot, actually looks pretty spot on to me…

Edit: ya, now that’s some Tyler tilt @GlobalFlyer1 😂

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Fantastic 🥢

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Thank you joseph. I will be back one day

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Incredible! That’s all I can say!

Great shots! That 777 is amazing!

@SB110 :)


air france intensifies


Maybe it’s the mightiness and the commandeering persona of the B777 that is elegantly highlighted in that picture. That’s what captivates me about it! Excellent photo! @den.aviation

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I think this bird could use a wash :)


Nice! Have Fun!

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I can’t wait until we start getting our International heavies back. But I guess your photos of domestic DEN heavies will have to do.

Also R.I.P that you were stuck inside for 12 weeks.

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