CoViD-19 Relief Freight Run : Cologne to Milan

Good day fellow pilots,

As we know well, the aviation sector has been one of the hardest hit as far as this pandemic is concerned. And yet, there are those heroes who don’t wear capes; the pilots transporting relief goods to affected areas, or transporting patients under intensive care to the facilities they need for care. Decided to make my next couple of flights this month in their honor (hoping my fellow pilots would do as well) ; Starting with a FedEx run from their int’l hub in Koeln-Bonn, to Milan Malpensa…right at the heart of the CoViD storm in Italy. And so, this 777 took on a full load of freight and got underway.

Took off from 14L at Cologne, and climbed out in the sun before making the southwest turn needed to proceed direct to Milan

Given the short duration of 1.5 hours, stopped climb at FL200. Nothing but smooth skies were ahead.

Started descent about 30 minutes out, and got quite the picturesque view while at it.

Runway conditions to make a straight-in approach were unfavorable, so flew right downwind of RWY 35L…

…before making the right turn to come in and safely land.

As always, grateful to the readers who read up this far :)


Nice pictures! This should be in #screenshots-and-videos though ;)

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Awesome pictures and flight! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks :) . Forgot to mark, sorry :)

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Always a pleasure :)

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