Covid-19 and Air Travel

Infinite Flight Community:

I have some questions for you regarding air travel that you may or may have not been conducting during this pandemic.

Personally, I have had to fly for work a hand full of times. My experience was rather that not much changed except my face covering from the time
I entered the terminal to the time I left the arrival terminal. Snack and beverage service changes were also minimal such as water only on Southwest Airlines. Middle seats were left open. We all know airlines are sanitizing the aircraft with a “static” substance to reduce or deny virus contaminated air particles to remain on any surface.

My questions for you:

  • Have you flown during the pandemic?

  • Were you required a face mask the entire flight?

  • Were you required a face mask in the terminal (airport)? To those of you not in the states, what is it like where you are?

  • What was the in flight service like?

  • Were any seats on the flight intentionally left open for social distancing?

  • What did you think of your pandemic air travel experience?

Again this is simply to have a conversation as these are unprecedented times. Because I travel a lot with work, I would love to see what you fellow aviation enthusiasts think!

Thank you and enjoy yourselves!

Jack Wheeler

IPP Pilot





It was ok. I was on Delta and they gave us a ziplock bag for snacks. Other than that, it wasn’t very different.

Yes, the middle seats were not available. Good for legroom and extra storage.

It was overall just fine, but having a mask on for a 4 hour flight is kinda miserable. It really isn’t all that different imo.


Yes. 4 hr flight

Yes unless u were eating or drinking.

Face masks on the whole time except for id checks and eating/drinking

1 snack service throught and no duty free.

Nope. Full aircraft

Not much. I was asleep for most of it and personally Tui handled everything correctly


My top 3 airlines to fly during the pandemic include Southwest, Delta, and Alaska. I flew this year 8 times already, 6 being from April to Present, and all required face masks during the entire flight unless you were drinking or having a snack. All 3 airlines provided the middle seat or aisle seat open (depending on the aircraft configuration). I did have to wear a mask on the flight. The in-flight service wasn’t to bad. I was given a zip lock bag with pretzels on most of the flights excluding Alaska which gives Biscoff still :P

If your going to fly during COVID, just be sure to wear a mask whether is comfortable or not. It’s for your safety and others safety.

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Flown during the pandemic? Yep!
Required a face mask the entire flight? Yes (except eating and drinking.
Facemask at airport? Yes
In flight service-limited? Usually on request.
WN has middle seats open for a while. AA is filling planes 100%
My experiences: Fine. I’m not going to let a pandemic stop me from living my life as normal.


Wow. Their inflight service looks almost untouched. Excellent!

No free seats onboard? Is that all European airlines doing full flights?

Wow three airlines during the pandemic. Thanks for the info!

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Agreed on the pandemic. I have flown WN mostly but both my AA flights were surprisingly full as you have said. Its interesting the airlines vary stateside

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Ive flown WN 4 times during this pandemic and they were awesome. Unlike American, they can afford to leave the middle seat open.

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Lol exactly!

Yes I have flown during the pandemic. I flew Alaska Airlines from KPDX-KBZN so it was operated by Horizon. I was flying with my mom so we could sit together but besides that we were very spaced from the passengers and we were required to wear masks throughout our entire time traveling except when eating and drinking.

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So ASA was leaving some seats open?

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Yes they were. At least on their regional flights. Although I don’t know about their mainline flights.

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Got ya. Thank you!

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No problem!

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Yes. You could pull it down when you were eating or drinking.

At Denver they were required but they didn’t really enforce it. At DAL they required it as Dallas had a mask requirement

Inflight service on Southwest was Water and a Snack Mix

Yes. Southwest blocked middle seats unless you knew the people you were with or if you were family. In my case I was traveling for baseball with my team so we all sat together in the back and they were fine with it.

I thought it was fine. It wasn’t much out of the ordinary other than the masks and the distancing. Southwest does a good job with distancing and there boarding process is very smooth. At Denver only McDonald’s was open at Concourse C but that has changed now. I didn’t mind wearing a mask for 4 straight hours. I look at it as if a health care worker can wear a mask for 12 hours straight you can wear one for 3 easy hours.

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Probably full onboard as it was a hoilday flight and that type of aircraft was kept flying most days.

The flight was nearly full pre virus though

Yes a few times

Yes I was

Yes we were required to do this

JetBlue had the best in flight service (for economy) with water and a few snacks.
While American only had water and pretzels or Biscoff cookies. AA’s first class had the above plus a cheese platter with crackers, grapes, and chocolates (plus unlimited drinks as usual).

On JetBlue all middle seats were left open, on American once everyone boarded you were allowed to move around to any open seats if you wanted (though I’m fine with the no blocked out seats because we all have masks on anyways). On an American Eagle flight it was booked so no one could move around.

It was very unusual seeing almost no one at security and throughout the concourses. The masks were annoying at first but then you could start to breathe and get used to them eventually. (Except for running or walking quickly, then the masks were a pain) 😂

Cool topic idea too!

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Yes. I flew four times with American in July.

Yes, over the nose and mouth, with the exception of eating.

I was required to wear a mask in all airports I went to, which include MCO, CLT, and STL.

There was no meal or drink service due to a distance policy. In-flight entertainment came by using the onboard WiFi.

Not on any of the flights, but all of them were around fifty percent capacity anyways.

It would be boring if I hadn’t had entertainment during the flight. Great vibes from listening to music during nighttime, if the cabin lights are dimmed or off entirely.