Courchevel Madness

Back again at Courchevel (LFLJ). All aircraft welcome but due to challenging terrain and VERY short runway light aircraft is recommended. However if you fancy a challenge/fun bring your Boeing or Airbus (expect a crash 😂). Let me laught at your take offs/landings whilst I practice my ATC skills.

Here’s my ATC tracking thread let’s chat there: Frankisoul's ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @LFLJ

My attempt in a 737:


Hey there!

Just wanted to let you know that you can just reply in your topic and it’ll bump it to the top of the IFC


P.S. I’ll stop by

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someone (mods) merge this into the tracking thread.

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Thank you. Do you mean I can just reply into the ATC tracking thread?

have you got the time to link the IFC account?

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yea just reply on it

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Someone tried to tell be how to do it but I couldn’t find the option. Can u please show me how?

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Ok, let’s start from the beginning. As already noted in yesterday’s post, you are allowed to post in your main thread, that you linked above. Please see the official response here:

In regards to the merge: This feature allows moderators to transform this topic into replies under your main thread. That’s something you should not pay attention to as you don’t have this power. For now on, please use your main ATC tracking thread by editing your title to [OPEN] when you open up frequencies and [CLOSED] when you are done controlling.

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Please post all of your openings in your single ATC tracking thread. Helps reduce the clutter here. Thanks! 🙂

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