Couple with young child kicked off flight due to "bad body odor"

American Airlines has kicked off three passengers bound for Detriot after passengers complained of bad body odor coming from the family.

The family were returning home to Detriot from Miami and boarded an American Airlines flight however they were asked to leave after several passengers complained of “bad smelling odor” coming from the couple and their 19-month-old boy. Once they left the aircraft the gate was closed and they were told they were not allowed to re-enter the aircraft. When the kicked off passengers asked for there checked-in bags American initially obliged, however, it later came apparent that the aircraft had taken off with there bags onboard in an effort not to delay the aircraft. American put the family in a hotel overnight and rebooked them on a flight for the following day. The passengers departed and landed in Detriot the following day

American Airlines followed up with a statement the following day reading: “Mr. Adler and his wife were removed from the flight when several passengers complained about their body odor, they have been booked into a hotel for the night and given meal vouchers. They have been rebooked on a flight Thursday.”

My personal opinion is that if AA could afford to put these guys in an all expenses paid hotel for the night could they have just simply gone to the airport newsagency and bought them so deodorant? Who knows.

Amercian Airlines 737-800 aircraft in the retro livery full photo credit


You mean the better livery. Sorry, just like that livery better then the new one, the bear metal makes the difference, it is unique as not a lot of airlines did that.

I mean: that would be a miserable flight if you were stuck in that 'craft with some smelly BO. Whether that be because of poor hygiene or just a dirty diaper, come on people some common courtesy here, clean up so everyone else doesn’t have to deal with your funk. “They can’t help it” doesn’t cut it if you can afford a plane ticket. You can help to wash your smell away. The same would go if someone brought out Tuna Fish or a curry dish on the plane, something that is quite odiferous that could trigger nausea on a plane. No one wants to deal with that when it generally can be a quick fix.

Just my thoughts.

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Think that’s the right thing to do people don’t need to suffer because some people are to lazy to shower.


Yeah I agree with AA on this one. No one would like to be in that situation and as long as it’s not a medical condition causing the odor then AA was right to boot them.


Deodorant doesnt mask the smell of odor once it’s really stinky, it makes it worst - I knew this kid that never washed but would use deodorant to get rid of the smell but would only make it worst.

Applying deodorant after a shower is more useful.

I’ve read this article before though and I find it interesting that the family said they dont smell!!
People that have body odor dont know that they smell because they’ve become accustomed to their odor.
(Similar how guests smell your dogs at home but you cant)

AA did the right thing, body odor may not seem like a big deal but if you’re in a confined space with them for more than 10 minutes you’ll get nauseous real fast never mind a 5+ hour flight - plus dont even get me started on hygiene - that smell is essentially sweat and bacteria!


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