Couple Things

REQUEST TAXI TO PARKING: This is done after you have reached the (second) hold short line after exiting the runway.

This is not done while at a full stop on the runway, blocking all inbound and outbound traffic.

Departure Runway: This is determined by ATC (where active) based on a couple variables. They cannot control where you spawn. But the main concern is traffic flow, not giving one, individual pilot the shortest taxi. At an airport like KLAX or WMKK, you may have a long taxi. It’s unfortunate, but there are more things to consider besides your personal expediency. You’re welcome to change your spawn point to somewhere closer.

Thank you.


I agree. Simple solution: Control on the advanced server (Pilots know what they are doing there).

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He is an IFATC.


I do. Unfortunately, it happens there, too.

Just adding to this

DO NOT contact ground until COMPLETLY OFF the runway, this means your WHOLE plane is past the hold short line.

Also when you do contact ground STOP you don’t have clearance to move until you are given it.

Also, if you ask to cross a runway from ground, please bear in mind that it could take a while to get you across. If we have one person on ground and a different one on tower. Then depending on the runway the ground controller may need to ask the tower controller if I can cross you.this can take a while. There is NO NEED to request again.

The amount of times I’ve wished for a “Please look around you, do you see that plane ahead/behind/left/right of you, that’s the reason you can’t move.” Command.

All this things happened a few time last night with in 2 hours.


It’s not called that anymore. Don’t live in the past! Expert server 2016.


Oh sorry. Didn’t realize.

MaxSez: This Topic just reinforces the need for a IF developed Pilot Ground School
For Fledgling Pilots grade 2 and the need for a pilot skill test prior to access to Expert Grade 3. To accomplish these requirements a multi-question machine graded test will do!

As a matter of concern & interest: why are Expert Server users permitted to operate into a B without a Flight Plan? Why arn’t Expert Commercial airlines required to transit on airways? Why are lite aircraft intersection departures denied? Why are Airliner Touch/Stop and goes permitted at Cat B Airdromes?
Why arn’t IF modifications to the FAR/AIM Posted?
It’s always a pleasure to be schooled by a frustrated individual IFATC. Don’t you think it’s time to establish a written IF ATC SOP instead of the repetitive same O reminders!

(Info: @AdamCallow@Tim_B@Joe@AR_AR)


max brings up good points, some which I don’t quite follow.

I’m worn out hunting for clues about how IF works. It would be great if someone put everything in one place. Like maybe one PDF that gets updated as things change.

I realize that is no small undertaking.


I think the easiest way to answer these questions is user base.

If these real world realisms were incorporated into IF, the expert server would be a ghost town. Not as only as in people being ghosted but in that no one would want to come fly in there, making IFATC’s job… almost obsolete.

I do think @Airborne makes a good point in having a sticky/PDF readily available for new users to review. Only issue with that will be the users that don’t access the forum. Still a good idea.


I can’t stand the impatient pilots. A quick outside view and scroll around and youll easily be able to see why you aren’t getting the green light.



The rules sold be obviously accessible in-app when accessing expert server. A simple automated test wouldn’t solve all the problems but better than nothing. Also forces someone to at least see the major items. It could be something that only takes a few minutes to compete. I don’t know why this is so vehemently opposed.


Don’t when you first start the app for the first time go through a tutorial on solo mode? It’s been along time since I flew solo/downloaded IF.

I agree there could be something added, not only when accessing the expert server though, make it training server wise as well so they can train and learn.


Idk if the tutorials are forced. Those are old and do not include anything about ATC anyway.

@THE-OP… Tend to agree on the most part. However don’t consider the concerns/interests difficult to implement or beyond the capability of Grade 3 Pilots to accomplish or implement. Each gripe if implemented would ez the IFATC burden. Couple them with my favorite bitch the lack of ATIS and realism, structure and efficiency would be enhanced. As for Flying the Expert, check out the Airfield Status Rpt, it tells the tail. Regards, Max

Exactly. I fly casual exclusively because of early violations on Training which were never very clear to me. As I move towards Grade 3, I am very concerned about what the rules are on Expert and how it operates. I’d like to fly Expert without always wondering when a rule I don’t know about is going to earn me a violation.

I know the ATIS is coming back. The website/server (I don’t know how it works), but what they were using to get each airports METAR went out of business or the likes. I don’t consider it hard to implement, it easily could be. Again, the major thing here is user base… specifically user base age.

I think what a lot of people tend to forget, concerning realism, is IF is tablet/cellphone based. Not a PC sim. They have done an amazing job in creating this so that our devices don’t kill themselves after 5 minutes in the game. Add that to the required storage needed and that you can play IF on your data all month and not use more than 10 gigs… its a feat.

That is also one of the bigger hurdles of global, how do you make a game either smash the size/memory needed to load a globe or how to do make it to were its not constantly downloading structures and everything else we want?

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@THE-OP… Thanks for the refresher! I’m a plank holder, know the drill well. But a little nibble sends a message. Infrastructure/realistic procedure first. I’m no fan of Global. Commercial Trash Haulers are for bus drivers and long hauls on AP are boring! Regards, Max

Agree that we need a ground school for new pilots. Now I know that @Maxmustang won’t like the next comment, BUT good VAs have a form of ground school for their new pilots. The one that I am involved with ( no names, no pack drills) has developed training manuals as well as company SOPs and checklist which reinforces a number of correct procedures within the world of IF.

Of course like the excellent tutorials and other resources here we are dependant on people being motivated to download, read and understand them. Whilst the majority of people are involved with with this community because they wish to learn, not all who fly on IF live do! I agree that in order to progress to the TS you should be at least a Grade 2 and pass a short test in the basics and then a similar, if harder, test in order for a grade 3 to access the expert server.


@David_Lockwood… MaxSez: As an aside. Almost all the requirements to fly and control on IF have been published in multiple places and forms. The Forum, Facebook, UTube, Sim Blogs etc. Unfortunately they have never been catalogued, categorized, organized or assembled in one place. Noted your cogent comment is this regard repeatedly. There are at least hundreds of FDS volunteers doing the heavy routine lifting and sweat work. Appears with the exception of the ATC trainees most of the volunteer position are FDS old boy hirers. Well FDS, how about a casting call for a few Librarians to square this hodgepodge away! (Info: @Tyler_Shelton)