Couple of Questions About Flight Planning

Hey everyone! So, as the title says, I just want to ask these questions. I realize it’s been a bit after 20.1 came out, but I just now had these questions.

Question 1: So after I put the SID, I usually immediately put the STAR next, like this. For context, this is a flight plan from LAX to DFW.


As you can see, the first waypoint is LAX, then the SID, then the STAR, then DFW. Are there any waypoints I need to need to put in between the SID and STAR?

Question 2: I know to use Departure and Arrival procedures, but what about the Approach procedures? What are they used for?

  1. No not necessarily - you can if you want to though.

  2. Approach procedures are for the final approach procedures to a runway.


Remember to put the waypoints that will be in between the SID and STAR. You will be flying on an airway most of the time but if not those fixes help you navigate to your first Transition point for a STAR

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Approach Procedures are vectors to final. They can be used as LNAV/VNAV approaches.

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  1. After the SID try adding some airways in they arent nessecary but give alot of realism to the sim. Use or to add some of those in. FPLtoIF suggests SID and STAR routes while FlightPlanDatabase only gives you airways.

  2. And the Approach procedures are for the base turn usually and maybe a downwind from time to time. Always add an approach if available as ATC can check what runway you are going to in much less time :)


You should be flying on airways as people said, you would almost never fly direct like this IRL, especially in an airliner.

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Alright thank you everyone!

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