Couple Ideas for Infinite Flight Sim

I think that personally a better way to make this sim a little more realistic, IF should do and update that could have an option if real fuel consumption for the planes. Also may be if they could add buttons to turn on and off the engines in the aircraft. Thought that maybe this could give this just at notch of realism in to the sim.

These are all duplicates piled up in one post… Please search before you post :)


And if you want to suggest something, move them to #features

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Hey there!

You are a basic user and are unable to post in #features. Wait until you become a member by contributing to the community positively, make meaningful topics, and give lots of likes. As @kevirtual said, this is a duplicate topic so be sure use the search function to ensure you don’t make a duplicate topic. Also, please only request one feature per topic as per the guidelines.

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Ideas aren’t feature requests.

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It is sure phrased like a feature request.

This is why I selectively judge books by their cover. :-D

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Both of these will be implemented with global or in a separate update. That being said, both have been talked about on the forum constantly.