Couple Forced Off easyJet Flight

A couple was forced off a flight at London Luton just a day after United Airlines dragged a man off an aircraft in Chicago. More information below:


I read today a similar event, but the couple was going to get married. This includes United yet again.


It’s a disgrace really, for both airlines


We should be making this as big of a deal as all other United incidents. Because thats what equality is.

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I saw that news on LINE Today. Pretty awful imho

Tip : Dont fly with cheap airlines if you dont want to be overbooked


no that’s not equality

heyy let’s bash the same way that we did to United on an airline that made a mistake once

Don’t make me have to block the Real world category like I had to for VA’s and features. This 💩 Is pointless.


Not equality, sorry. Couldn’t think of the correct word. What I’m trying to say is that if one airline gets tons of flak for said incident, then others that commit the same should be getting the same exact treatment as the others

Your right. Bickering and whining isn’t going to get us anywhere. All it’s doing is pulling this COMMUNITY apart.

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Least they admit their fault and blame their staff for the issue unlike United

And that justifies it? Lol I dont think so.

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i believe being fair is the correct term

That still doesn’t justify their actions.

that has nothing to do with the conversation that you and i were in the middle of but ok…

United isn’t exactly your cheapo airline…


The new United story is dumb. I think the airline had the right to boot off the customers because they changed their seats regardless of what the airline said.

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Well either way there was a issue with the boarding so what else can easy jet do? Let the plane take off with them standing… The United thing was bad because the passenger got dragged off to make way for crew, this is far different so why make it into a big deal.

The United incident the dude was removed from the plane, snuck back on. Then after talking with the cop for five minutes he kept saying he would rather go to jail then get off the plane. He asked for it basically, no one was giving up their seat so they choose. If you guys are so againced overbooking be prepared to pay double for your next flight.


This topic is unnecessary though, there was a issue with boarding so instead of being told before boarding they were told on the plane but still it was handled better then the United incident because no one got injured. I agree but easyJet admitted the fault and now people on here think it’s just as bad.

Talking about this specific incident. Didnt mention anything about the last one.