Country of Scotland Region

Featuring the only beach runway in the world at Barra, code BRR. Also including ABZ, EGZM, BEB, CAL, CSA, EGPG, EGZJ, DOC, EGPY, DND, GB-0048, EOI, EDI, FIE, EGZH, EGZL, FEA, EGPJ, FLH, FOA, EGEJ, GLA, and PIK.


There are many there portions of the world with cities larger and more important that Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen that do not have regions.

I guess Scotland would be a fine region but there are other places like Rome that are the important ones. After all, there’s Birmingham, etc.

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Or Frankfurt

Maybe it’s a good idea to add Barra Airport too.


Barra would be awesome!


Don’t think Scotland as a region really compares to Birmingham. I’ve commented before that the London region should be renamed GB and include all GB incl Northern Ireland and Channel Islands it opens up a whole raft of real world flights especially once A320 family arrives. Adding a city region just adds a few big airports which we have in abundance

Just make a UK pack.


Heathrow to Aberdeen in the A320 would be awesome

I know Scotland’s not an important place as far as commercial air traffic goes but for general aviation flights it would be great to fly.
Take off from Oban and fly up the great glen to Inverness.
Be even better if they could include the islands like Barra as mentioned but the Orkneys would be a great place to fly to from aberdeen

We don’t even have beaches in IF yet just the land connects to the ocean.

‘The Orkneys’, playing with fire there. If any Orcadians catch you calling them that they’ll throw you off the top of The Old Man of Hoy ;-)

Like you say though, it’s GA heaven up here. Miles more Interesting than flying the flatlands between Brum and Heathrow.


Whatever do you mean. EGLL has lots of hills, why even some of them are made from water. What did you say? Oh yes that’s in IF and not real life 😀


I would beg to differ Edinburgh international is the sixth busiest in the uk handling 10.2 million passengers pr annum 😀


And I do believe that makes it busyer than Birmingham and a lot more in the uk so Scotland I would say is "pretty important " for comercial air traffic just saying .😆

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They did make a uk pack but forgot about our gods land north of the border 😡


Extend London Region to all Scotland . How many shuttles a day just from Edinburgh and Glasgow . Certainly from Glasgow a nice bristol flight or Gatwick . Also if we get the dash q400 to bhx. I like London but feel it’s too short to east Midlands which is nice midway for chanex work for mail flights

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That was England only.

But never went as far as newcastle

Scotland would make a brilliant region! So much mountain flying, and plenty of beautiful scenery! If it gets added, they should do an Air Scotland libery for the 757: Boeing 757-236 - Air-Scotland (Greece Airways) | Aviation Photo #1043500 |

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Could do loganair twin otter for barra landing and also throw in the saab 340/2000 for highlands and islands flights