Countries and State Outlines On Map

Hey Everyone! I think should add borders to countries and states and lables on the map. I don’t know if it would be to hard.

It would help know when flying into another country or state. And would be helpful to finding airports easier. Knowing when you are in another country is crucial in flying and it could improve flying. It could also guide you to parts of scenery where you want to fly. Like how the Grand Canyon is in Northwestern Arizona and some people dont know where Arizona is.

I hope this could be added in the future, thanks for reading!

I think that was in the old version of IF but they removed it

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The current map we have is the so-called ’Global Version 1’ map which they released with the Global Update!

The devs do plan to update this map at some point with new features (such as country/state outlines, the return of the terrain map, etc…)

Hello there,

It is a good idea, but I’m afraid this is a Duplicate. I actually created a similar suggestion a while ago that requests exactly that: An improved map with country borders etc.


Terrain, lables, states and borders…

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Sorry, thought those were just terrain. I’ll flag this

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