Count XP and Flight time when game crashes

Hi all
Whenever I do a long flight (2-3h) game crashes, the problem is not here the problem that I wasted too much time for that
Any Ideas?

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Get a better device.


If you don’t want a new device, always always always, fully restart your device but be4 that close all your apps then restart it, of that dosnt work than you should really gets new device ((:

Try lowering the app settings by clicking the gear icon in the top left of the screen. Lower the settings to “low” and try turning Anti Ailising off. This should help to run the app a bit smoother :)

Then they is no fun

Yes the graphics won’t be as good, but you were asking for a solution and it’s either lower your settings or use a device which can handle the higher settings. Lowering the water quality for example will help to stop lagging in the app but doesn’t make a huge visual difference so it will still look good

Well the post meant that if i made a flight and App crashes xp should count

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Ok apologies.

For some people (like me) that is not an option.

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Yes, there should be a way (hopefully this could be in an update for 2016) to save all flight time and data if the app crashes.

How do you expect a non responsive app to tell the server to save the data?

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I crashed on an iPhone6 so…

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