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I’ve applied! Im ready to do some stunts 😊


Best. Video. I. Have. Ever. Seen.



No problem! I made the video, the IFCAS teams played their parts 👍🏻

  • Decent quality headphones
  • Fair internet connection
  • Well performing device

Could you please elaborate on how this can be tested or the minimum requirements?

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The internet connection could easily be shown via taking a speedtest of your connection, screenshot it, and then send it to them.

For the device, simply give them the device name, and they’ll determine whether it’s well performing.

For the headphones, just tell them what type of headset or earbuds you have, and again, they’ll determine if they’re decent headphones.


Shots from @Ben_W’s Virtual RIAT 2019


Once I get my sub back and hit grade 3 I would love to have a look!

Lieutenant Ben | Belgian F-16 ‘Dark Valcon’ Demo Team

I’d just like to say it was a privilege to host Virtual RIAT this year.

I’m glad to be this show season’s Belgian F-16 Demo Pilot

I’m looking forward to performing on behalf of IFCAS the Belgian F-16 Demo Team at Oshkosh 2019! Your not going to want to miss these displays being performed!


Lets give his event some love everyone!

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You all want to sponor it?

We can take you up on that offer!

Alright, Let me do some editing and make you all the “Sponsor”

There we go! @DeltaMD88Fan


Just applied after I saw the Blue angels show I hope I get in I would love to fly the F-18

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I applied a couple of days ago and I haven’t had a response is that normal?

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Your application has been accepted, we apologize about the delay. If you visit our website you shall find the discord link to join. If it doesn’t work, shoot me a PM and I will administer a new one.

Welcome to IFCAS :)

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Hello I would like to apply to be a proforming pilot.

We unfortunately are ceasing public operations after December, If you are still interested let us know.

I filled out an applacation to be a f-18 pilot. hope I can fly with you soon!

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F-18 Pilots are solo only which I have been told (I’m in IFCAS as angel 4)that they are only solo performances and a spot is not available the blue angels have also a full team.

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