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Infinite Flight Council of Airshows is a virtual organization which was created for the purpose of bringing aerobatics and introducing realistic airshows to the community of Infinite Flight. We are a family of airshow enthusiasts who frequently host and participate in such events across the community. But, we felt that airshows could be improved, they could be realistic, and we could bring people together into a new category of Infinite Flight pilots, the airshow performers.
Mission Statement

IFCAS was founded with the goal of bringing together virtual aerobatic pilots and airshow enthusiasts from around the world. Our members practice their aerobatic routines several times a week, for hours on end. Every member of IFCAS is passionate about the air show industry. Our purpose is to host airshows within the community of Infinite Flight, and to bring aerobatic pilots together with a common interest.

Senior members
Supporting staff
  • Commander of U.S Division: Rocco Palen (@Rocco_Palen)
  • Director of U.S. Military Operations: (Temporary) Rocco Palen (@Rocco_Palen)
  • Director of U.S. Civilian Operations: Jonathan Tweedy (@Jonathan_Tweedy)

We are in the development stage of including a European as well as an Asian division of our organization to bring airshows & their category of performers to their locations. Soon airshows across the world will be held, but we need your help!

The ranks themselves are split between two categories, civilian and military. Upon arrival, new members will choose the path they would like to go down. If they choose military, they may not use any civilian rank, this works vise versa.

Civilian Display Pilots
  • Cadet | Entry Pilot - First month within IFCAS
  • Aerobatic Pilot | 3 months within IFCAS
  • Expert Aerobatic Pilot | 6 months within IFCAS + Flight Examination
Military Performers
  • Lieutenant | 0-3 months
  • Captain | 3-7 months
  • Major | 7-10 months
  • Lieutenant Colonel | 10-15 months
  • Colonel | 2 complete show seasons
  • General | 3 complete show seasons

You may notice the “Months” requirement, each pilot within IFCAS must be actively training, logging practices & performances alike and conversing with fellow members on our discord server.


Inactivity is something that we at IFCAS do not mind, but pilots who have joined our organization are expected to fly or perform their line of work. Any member who is labelled “inactive” will not be stripped of their rank, but their progression will be paused after the notification of departure.


Any aircraft can be utilized within IFCAS, we will not limit one individual to flying a certain aircraft upon joining, which sets IFCAS apart from other organizations.

Promoting Performers

Our program collects members from around the world and allows everyone to collectively educate one another. We are looking for the best of the best within the Infinite Flight Community, the “Top Gun” pilots.At every show, each performer demonstrates his/her aerobatic skill through a unique, and difficult aerial demonstration. With such needed skill and overall excellence, our pilots are the best in the virtual field. Even the newest pilot to Infinite Flight can become a talented aerobatic pilot within just a few months through our program.

We have several programs, which upon acceptance, you are able to apply for separately.

Here is what you can choose from upon entry:

  • Airshow Pilot: Pilots who perform their aerial displays at airshows across the community.
  • Airshow Support Crew: Aerobatic Display Team members who support the demonstration pilot by providing narration, audio, technical checks, weather data and other info.
  • Airshow Hosts & Staff: These individuals host and manage airshow events, and coordinate with their performers.
  • Airshow Narrators: They support events by entertaining the spectators directly, using their loud speaking voices & friendly personalities.
  • Airshow DJ’s: They support events by entertaining the spectators directly, controlling discord bots such as Rythm, and using soundtracks to coincide with aerial displays.
  • Digital Artists: These individuals provide artwork for our social media & IFC threads.
  • Photographers / Cinematographers: These talented folks provide photography & cinematography for IFCAS performers, to be shared online for the world to see.
Exploring Aerobatic Flying

Aerobatics is an extreme sport that requires constant awareness, aircraft type knowledge, and great hand-eye coordination. With the IFCAS programs, our pilots learn to better their skills through this extreme sport, and better themselves in every aerobatic performance.

Hosting Airshows

Throughout the U.S. Domestic show seasons, we plan on hosting events on the Infinite Flight Community Page for any enthusiast to attend to.

Here is our current show season: 2019 Virtual U.S. Show Season

Previous events we’ve hosted:


In order to apply, you must be:

  • Minimum Age of 14
  • Grade 3+
  • No greater than 100 violations

In order to apply, you must have:

  • Access to Discord
  • Decent quality headphones
  • Fair internet connection
  • Well performing device
  • Multiple devices ( preferred )

In order to apply, you must be:

  • Respectful
  • Honest
  • Dependable
  • Independent
  • Motivated
  • Trustworthy
  • Hardworking

If you possess the requested attributes, congratulations!

Click the link here and apply to become a member of the IFCAS family!

In closing, thank you for viewing our thread! Blue skies & Tailwinds.


Amazing thread! Can’t wait to see one of your airshows

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Proud to be your F-22 Demo Pilot this season!

I’ve been with IFCAS since it’s conception and I can say it’s the most fun you can have in a Virtual Organization. If you have aerobatic talent, this is the place to showcase it. Heck, if you’re the CEO of a VA, why not make a display team for promotions? 👍🏻😁

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Glad to have you here Nate! :)

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I think that you should delete that. Anyways, nice thread!


Awesome shot of a refueling demo practice last month. More practices like this are coming soon, if you’d like to take part in one you can apply above!


Can’t wait for civilian display teams


Hope I get in 😁
My vios are a bit high tho


Congratulations IFCAS!


Just applied, this looks amazing and like lots of fun:)
Also extremely beautiful video and thread:)

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Congrats guys! I’ve seen how much hard work you guys have put into this and it’s clearly paying off!


Proud to be part of this team!!

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Check out IFEAA 2019!! We are hosting the airshows this year for the event! Come check us out :)


Check out our first official event!

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i just might slide on by to see that

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Now that looks interesting, my old friends :)


Never got an answer…

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Let me check again on the applications, sorry about that.

Our latest event!


Sponsored event!!