Coulson Fireliner first operational drop!


The modified Boeing 737-300 “Fireliner” Has made it’s first operational drop in Australia. The Boeing 737 (Tanker 137) is the first of it’s kind. Coulson (of Canada) Bought several retired Southwest jets and converted them into tankers. The 737s also are able to be rearranged to transport fire fighters.

Tanker 137 was deployed as a water-bombing aircraft in New South Wales on Thursday and Friday.It can carry more than 4,000 gallons of water and fire retardant. The plane dropped several loads of retardant on a fire that has threatened houses at Port Stephens, 90 miles north of Sydney.


Man that livery looks hot! It looks like a 737 MAX 7,except it’s red!

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Very interesting and the livery is not bad at all!

That’s quite good actually

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