Coulson CH-47 heads to Bolivia!

The first CH-47D is on its way to Bolivia!

The Coulson Unical CH-47D, N47CU, was loaded onto the Antonov this afternoon after a long night and morning of teardown. To fit in the airplane the blades, both the forward and rear drivetrain, and the rear pylon needed to be removed. This is a huge task to accomplish in such a short time but the team came through and will get some well deserved rest on the flight down.

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Always interesting to see the next unique load a 124 will carry! These are the workhorses of moving anything you wouldn’t think could actually be shipped. 😅

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Did you take those pictures? Did you get a chance to fly on the An-124 as well?

No all photos are owned by Couslon though an application was sent to them!

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That is an awesome livery for such an amazing helicopter!

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