Coulson C-130H

(photo owned by Coulson)

With the C-130 I believe that we could have a lot more different paint jobs with it, everything from the Civilian to different Military models. One of the civilian model’s would be the Coulson’s newest C-130H update. They operate the C-130H for fires in the US, Canada and Australia! I think this livery would be a great way represent Canadians Aerial Fire Fighters and personally it looks great on the Herc

The most badass looking 130 out there. Someone get that thing in. 👍🏻


That livery gets me! Love how it stand out!

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It’d be so sweet seeing civilian Herc’s on the game!

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A very nice looking livery that would really complement the current IF fire-fighting fleet! Hopefully a livery designer looks into potentially adding it as a break from whatever other projects they’re working on!

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Yes!! I’d love see more of the fleet added

I definitely think we need this as a livery


Very Hot livery! Pun intended. Lol

Surprised this feature request doesn’t have more traction.

Yeah, weird isn’t it. anyway here’s another photo

Uploading: Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 5.31.34 PM.png…

I will never get tired of seeing this fly.

lets revive this request - i would love to see more added to fleet of current firefighting aircraft

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I so agree, livery is dope