Coulson Aviation Press release on winning USDA Fire Contract

Coulson Tanker 137 has won its first mutli year contract with the USDA Fire Service while it supported fires last year for the State on a Federal level this is a first!

March 30, 2020

Port Alberni, BC – Coulson Aviation USA has been awarded a multi-year contract with the USDA Fire Service for Next Generation Large Air Tanker Services throughout the United States. The contract beginning in 2020 will see the first Boeing 737, Tanker 137 in operation.

Coulson Aviation is the first in the world to modify Boeing 737’s into FIRELINER’s which utilize a new advanced delivery system specifically designed for this application, the RADS-XXL/2. To convert a 737 into a FIRELINER takes over 43,000-man hours and includes the RADS-XXL/2 installation, avionics upgrades, full strip and re-paint, new interior, and 72 refurbished passenger seats. Once complete, the FIRELINER is differentiated from all other Next Generation Large Airtankers by its ability to transport firefighters without re-configuration and to fly at maximum speeds and altitudes with a load of retardant and no restrictions.

“This firefighting re-purposed Boeing 737 was designed, manufactured and had the installation of the tanking system done in house which is a testament to the creativity of our teams led by Britt Coulson.” Wayne Coulson, CEO Coulson Group “I could not be prouder of our Company based on all the dedication, hard work and commitment of teams to design, manufacture, build, operate and maintain this superior air tanker. Both our Lockheed C-130’s and Boeing 737 FIRELINER’s played keys roles in saving homes and lives in Australia this past devastating fire season which we are all proud of.”

“The FIRELINER is truly the Next Generation of Next Generation Large Airtankers” said Britt Coulson, President and COO Coulson Aviation. “The FIRELINER’s are a perfect complement to our C-130’s and having a diverse fleet assures our customers always have the right airtanker for the mission.”
Coulson Aviation has over 36 years of experience in aerial fire suppression and the Coulson RADS Firefighting Systems were designed to make firefighting easier, safer and more effective than other systems. We are excited to continue supporting the USDA Fire Service with this essential service during the US fire season.

About Coulson Aviation (USA) Inc.: Coulson Aviation is a family owned business with global operations in Australia, Canada, Chile, and the United States with its diverse fleet of heavy Fixed and Rotary wing aircraft. In addition to its aerial firefighting, emergency response, and oil spill dispersant operations Coulson is also a world leader in technology and engineering with the largest aerospace design team in Western Canada focusing primary on special mission modifications. Coulson’s latest design, the RADS-L for the Boeing CH-47D helitanker is the largest capacity, lightest weight, highest flow rate helicopter tank in the world.

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Cool story, but I can’t get over one thing.
Why couldn’t they have just called the plan “Tanker 737” instead of “Tanker 137”. They were just one letter off!!

Thats a good question! There’s possibly a Tanker 737 out there

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