Couldn't purchase

Hello every one, I tried to purchase online, but every time when I press creat an account, all my browsers can’t open the website. Everyone please help me please

Thank you for contacting support. Have you also tried purchasing a subscription via Please let us know if this will work for you. Thanks!

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Hi the website worked but when I try to purchase in game it says error same as in the website pls help

Make sure you are using a valid payment method through the App Store. Please provide a screenshot. :) thanks! @Kenhuang

Hi I am using Android and how do I provide a screen shot?

I’m not an android user but I believe you can hold down the Volume Down button and the power button to take a screenshot… Also. Did you make sure you have a payment set up in your account with Android? @Kenhuang

I do know how to take a screen shot, but I don’t know how to show it to you over here. And defiantly it is a valid payment method cause I just use it to purchase the game.

Upload the photo to your reply by pressing the “Upload” button on mobile device or the button with the box with a arrow pointing up on Tablet or Computer… Use the screenshot from your Photo Album

here it is

Thanks for the information. I’ll ping the developers and see if we’re having any purchasing issues at the moment. Standby. :)

another screen shot

Thanks. I’m following up to ensure there are no issues on our end at the moment. I’ll be right back with you shortly!

Thanks Buddy
Hopping for a great answer from you!

Thank you for your patience. Unfortunately due to an increase in fraudulent charges customers are no longer able to purchase from Singapore using major credit cards. At this time you will need to purchase and utilize an iTunes or Google PlayStore gift card to purchase a Live subscription or any other in-app purchases. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

So the only way is to buy a redeem card from 711 so I can purchase online?

I’m not sure of the location of such a card in your area, but yes, you will need an iTunes or Google PlayStore gift card. Thank you for your understanding!