Couldn't do ATC in infinite flight as EXPERT

Hi guys,
This is my first topic here and I would like to ask u about how to be ATC in Expert mode and in fact I’m certified Air Traffic Controller and I have the license

Real one :)

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I’m so glad you’re interested in becoming expert ATC.

If you check out this thread, you can see how to get started.

Make sure you meet all requirements before messaging a recruiter!

One of the requirements is being TL1 on the forum. Keep posting, liking, and participating and you’ll get there in no time.

Remember that if you don’t meet all requirements your request will be ignored.


Well, first check out the IFATC recruitment thread, which you can see here, check you meet the requirements, then PM a recruiter for your written test.

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Dang that’s super cool! We’d be lucky to have you on the IFATC team! There is a recruiting process. I’m sure @Will_A posted a link to it above faster than I could type this message.


Where do you control just out of curiosity?

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