Couldn’t declare emergency fuel?

I ended up flying for a lot longer than expected (around 1.5 hours) due to heavy inbound traffic. As a result, I was running very low on fuel, and only had around 500kg remaining on final approach. Why didn’t I have the option to declare a fuel emergency? I had fueled more than enough prior to takeoff (the amount recommended by SimBrief), so it’s not like I intentionally tried to run out of fuel. There was no way I would have been able to go around, which I was worried about tower telling me to do, given the heavy traffic both inbound and departing.

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There is a command to declare a emergency…

It is set so you cant abuse it (You need to be flying for more then 3 hours or so and be under a certain level)

You could always contact the controller on IFC and declare a emergency that way


The command wasn’t available

Did you look carefully at the messages you could have given to ATC? Emergency fuel could be at the bottom of the selections. Personally, I have never run low on fuel when tower is active but I think the call to tower for emergency fuel could be at the bottom of the page.

I checked several times, nothing. I wasn’t exactly trying to abuse the system. I had to fly a very indirect route to the runway as directed by approach.

Read what I said above.

Its set so you cant abuse it


Read what I said. I wasn’t abusing it. I was fueled enough to get to my destination plus divert to a different airport. It was simply the heavy traffic that caused me to run so low.

Did your HUD show “MIN FUEL” or “CRITICAL” (don’t remember the exact wording in the app)


It showed “Min. Fuel”. Had done for around 20 mins.

I think to be able to get emergency fuel, the HUD has to say “Low Fuel.”

Was it 1% remaining by any chance?

I think it has to say '“Low Fuel” in order to get emergency fuel.

But you have to be flying for a certain period of time to be able to use that command (I think its 3 hours)

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It might have said “low fuel” by the time I landed. I have no idea, I was too focused on making the landing first time.

I believe it was 3% remaining

How long was your flight time from the beginning to the destination?

I think you have to be down to Emergency (less than 5%) for it to work. I’ll double check.

What aircraft were you flying?


Scheduled flight time was only 1hr. Ended up being around 1.5 hrs due to traffic.

Embraer 175 Air Canada


Yeah, according to @Balloonchaser, you need to have at least 3 hours of flight time to use the call.