Could you use landing lights in IF as taxi lights? (Sloved)

Hello IF community, I just wanted to ask, can you use land lights as taxi lights?
(Not to be used to see in the dark)

Potentially, yes. There are no reflections of the lights as of this time due to the complex working of lights in the sim (of which lighting is one of the works in Project Metal).

This would generally be up to the individual pilot as they decide on what they feel woukd be more realistic.


I always do 🤷‍♂️😂

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I understand your statement and I do agree, but it’s just that I wondered if it was mainly for take-offs and landings.

I just put the day-time during taxi and then current time previous to takeoff because they don’t work as they should

Yeаh I know that it’s just for the realism, you know?

Since the landing lights don’t really help to see more in the dark, I don’t use them as taxi lights (which is also more realistic, since the landing lights should be switched off after leaving the runway).
To see more in the dark, I usually increase the screen brightness. This should help a bit.

I just turn the time to day when taxiing around, simply because I can’t see the lines on where I’m supposed to go

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Here is a great link that I found. While it does contain many lights not found in IF, it does contain the basics of the lights that are found in IF.


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