Could you retire from a VA?

I was wondering if there is a way I can retire from a virtual airline

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Of course. You should PM the staff team though.


No, you have to stay in forever. No going back.

JK, be respectful, follow staff instructions and try not to ghost the V.A. You might want to leave feedback so they can improve. :)

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You can also take a leave of absence and come back later if you just want to take a break. But if you want to quit the VA then just send a PM message to staff and explain it to them. In both cases, PM the VA’s staff and let them know.

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I was in way to many VA’s at one point. What I said was exactly that “I have to many VA’s and I cannot keep up. I will try to rejoin once things free up”.

Just respectably tell staff why you are leaving and let them know if you plan on coming back.

You didn’t sign a legally binding contract requiring you to stay. You’re free to do whatever you want! Remember, all the extra clubs and such at IF are for your enjoyment. If you aren’t enjoying it, or are too busy, there’s no shame in leaving. It’s about how you create your own Infinite Flight experience 🙂

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I think the OP got the point after 4 replies mentioning the exact same thing.


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