Could you make me a route map for my VA?

Hello IFC,

I was wondering if any of you are experienced graphic designers (or can do this) and could make me a route map for my VA I am planning on making soon.


Hong Kong - Shanghai
Hong Kong - Beijing
Hong Kong - Seoul
Hong Kong - Jeju
Hong Kong - Manila
Hong Kong - Cebu
Hong Kong - Taipei
Hong Kong - Phuket
Hong Kong - Tokyo
Hong Kong - Niseko
Hong Kong - Fukuoka
Hong Kong - Osaka
Hong Kong - Vientiane
Hong Kong - Kota Kinabalu
Hong Kong - Langkawi
Hong Kong - Penang
Hong Kong - Kuala Lumpur
Hong Kong - Singapore
Hong Kong - Adelaide
Hong Kong - Brisbane
Hong Kong - Perth
Hong Kong - Hanoi
Hong Kong - Saigon
Hong Kong - Ho Chi Minh City
Hong Kong - Jakarta
Hong Kong - Bali
Hong Kong - Bangkok
Hong Kong - Phuket
Hong Kong - Colombo

The curved lines showing the routes would be in this colour:

The actual map itself would look like this and would be labeled with white text in the standard Helvetica font:

Example of a route map


If I am missing any major cities that are less than 15 hours of flying from Hong Kong, please feel free to point it out.

Nice routes. Unrelated, but is your VA an already existing one or a fictional airline?

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Well, it’s quite hard to explain. There was an airline called Dragonair and was bought by Cathay Pacific in 2006. 3 years go, in 2016, it got rebranded to Cathay Dragon. So, my idea with this VA is to apply some of the former real life airline’s appearance before the rebrand (former logos, name, etc.) and still make it a sort of fictional airline by still applying some new touches (routes, fleet, etc.)!

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I can give this a go but it’s hard work making a route map with these really small lines and stuff

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Yes, I tried to make this route map myself as I’m quite good at graphic editing and designing (if I might say so myself 😂) but failed miserably.

Right I’ll give this a go but I cant guarantee anything

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No problem, thanks for giving it a go!

If this is a Cathay Pacific VA they fly to Dublin using the a350 @Vinne

I suggest Google My Maps ( Allows you to create your own interactive maps. Leaflet ( is also a good option if you’re willing to learn to do a bit of coding, and as much as I am a bit bias I highly recommend.

@CaptainHugh Please read the post above 👆

I recommend Circle Mapper!

You need the ICAO codes for the airports, and you can add them as a list, like this:



An example:



Handy, thanks for suggesting this Jeno! Is there any way to make those ICAO codes be presented it to the city’s name instead? Anyway, looks good but it isn’t presented in the way I want it to look like.

Thanks, good luck with the VA !

Thank you, but can we please stay on topic?

IIRC after generating the image, there’ll be a list of airports based on the ICAOs you’ve used and there are loads of options to choose from about what to or how to display those points on the map!



A heads up for you, @Vinne. You’ll have to wait 31 days from today to apply for your new VA, as you have to wait 45 days to apply again for a VA/VO, since you were the CEO of Widroe.


Thanks for telling me, although I already knew that :)

Awesome! If no one is valid to make me a route map, I might as well use that.

@Gm2kmike20 Do you have an estimate arrival date of the route map? Thanks mate.