Could you fly an A380 if you’re in America?

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This is a bit of a different topic however it is related to RWA.

My dream airplane to fly is an A380, however there isn’t any American airlines with the A380 in their fleet. Even if I lived in America is there a way I could fly for an airline such as Emirates or Lufthansa? Just wondering if you all knew if this were a possibility.


The closest thing is Qantas’s connecting passengers only flight from LA to JFK. Which was normally on a 787 but sometimes they put an A380 on there



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One route is LAX-LHR or LHR-LAX. On both routes I flew on an A380. With BA ofc. But if you mean within the U.S, I don’t think any airlines operate an A380.

I’ve only flown an intl flight from South Africa to America with Lufthansa. But never inside of America.

Guys, I think he is talking about flying an A380 as a pilot, not a passenger


Unfortunately not because for you to fly internationally you need to learn the language and take the classes they provided for you as a pilot. The a380 is high up there for you to pilot but I guess Qantas is the only way to go but not in US ground

Well he might have to move to London Sydney or Dubai or communicate from the US if he wants to fly the A380 Emirates is best bet

But he has to learn the language to be able to fly with them

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Yeh, that is what he is talking about. I don’t think there r any Airlines that fly A380. I Have heard too that the a380 is gonna like retire and Airbus announcing that A380s will not be made anymore. If u really wanna fly an A380, I suggest Emirates. But no US

Sadly you can’t fly on Lufthansa’s a380s, as they are now 100% Gone, Emirates or Singapore or BA could work. But I don’t know if any of them fly to the US. And different airlines require different education.

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Qantas is Australian, they speak English, just with an accent.

USA is more of a Boeing’s ground and Europe is more of an airbus grounds

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Not necessarily because there are some in museums and factories and some are being transferred

I don’t think you can fly an a380 if its in a museum… 😂

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To be fair you said 100% gone lol

This isn’t usually the case, for any airline. Yes, if you were moving countries to a non-English speaking one, you would need to learn it to interact with the locals…

But not other airline staff, as English is the international standard language in Aviation.


From service it is 100% gone

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You’re not wrong but let’s say if you’re communicating with a guy on UAE218 and he knows literally no English how would you cooperate? That’s why they. (Well some) have standards for learning the language before flying with them

Best option is to research different airlines that operate a380s. Keep in mind you’ll have to work your way up the ranks as only senior pilots fly A380s

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