Could you explain to me what the source GPS is for?

Do I have a question? Could you tell me what the SOURCE GPS is for in the 321 and Xcub?? 🤔

Check out this tutorial!


One thousand thank you!!!

“For the Cub, there is indeed a significant difference.
In the A320 family, however, there is no difference since there are two separate displays. Whereas the Cub has a single display which needs to be switched to see the localizer and glideslope, in the Airbus aircraft the ILS is always displayed on the PFD, no matter which of the options is selected, and the flight path is displayed on the MFD, again under both options.“ (Quoted from @Tim_B: Nav 1 or GPS - #11 by Tim_B)

Also check out this tutorial on the XCub:

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