Could we get some IFATC at OERK (Riyadh ) please

I love how controllers complain pilots dont choose a variety of airports (among assigned ATC choice) yet there’s only ATC at Dubai. :/

Im open at OBBI right now…


well this aged well LOL. but still

But still what? Mans just said he’s open

but still meaning, why dont you controllers open up a variety of airports?

Yeah I’ve been open for almost the last hour. Pilots still go to the hub. It’s dead here

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You should join IFATC and open. And Dubai generally gets the most traffic since it’s the most well-known. Demand = greater need for controllers. 👍

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They/we do. But it’s super bowl Sunday, and late in the day for the many of IFATC. For others it’s Monday morning and they have school/work


No demand bc the pilots dont fly to different airports… IFATC isnt going to sit at a dead airport with OMDB controllers are dying

including me broski

I’m sorry, what are you replying to?

That’s facts. It’s super dead here and this is why ATC only goes for the HUB

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that its sunday and tomorrow we may have school/work. That includes me…

Ok, thanks for the heads up. That means most of the controllers are busy at work/school, or resting. Controlling shouldn’t take priority over the rest of your life.

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You’ve got it mixed up. No pilots go to other airports, so controllers open at the hub airport.

i dont think i do, bc im in saudi arabia

OMDB is a very busy airport and there will be IFATC controlling there and remember it is IFATC choice if they want to open other airports

My guess is that many pilots were watching the SuperBowl and haven’t been flying. I noticed the traffic start to die down 3 hours before you made this topic. that’d lead to most pilots going to the main hub of Dubai.

Most controllers won’t open other airports with just a few inbounds and a couple outbound for an hour. Plus, like everyone said above, it’s a Sunday.

is it possible to have a schedule for IFATC @ OERK?

that’s up to tyler who makes the atc schedule, so we can’t guarantee you anything:) @Saudia263

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