Could this mean flying on an airplane is dangerous for your health?

Flying on an airplane may turn you into a ‘zombie’ - New York Post

I have never got sick before on a plane, but I have smelled the fumes before.


Another exaggerated news article by desperate news corporations.


I know right

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For a long time now there have been concerns over fumes on aircraft. I notice that I can smell them more on Airbus aircraft compared to Boeing. (Airbus A319, A320 & A321, Boeing 737-300/600/700/800, 777 & 787-8/9 are the aircraft I have travelled on most recently)


I can sometimes smell them on a 717(I mostly travel on)

I smelled them once in an e190

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The only time I have smelt the fumes was when I flew on a tigerair A320 and we had to land and I got to go to hospital with a asthma attack. It would be even more dangerous for you health if you are asthmatic

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I’ve travelled on a 757 twice and a 737-800 and never smelt any fumes. I flew with Thomson on all occasions


Funny you mention this. One day I was at the airport and there was a minor incident where the nose gear collapsed and the small experimental plane slowly veered off the runway and into the grass of the side. About 15 minutes later, more than 5 news stations came down to “investigate”. Although there wasn’t anything to see other than a plane sitting in the grass between two runways, every news article I read on that incidenent exaggerated turning the small incident into what seemed to be a life threatening situation.

A pilot told me the next day that 9 out of 10 times, if you read a story from the news on something you know well (aviation in this case) you can likely find false information in the article or at least something in it that you can prove wrong. That must’ve been a slow day for the news when the plane veered off the runway. Still curious how all the news stations found out the incident happened though 🤔


Yeah, they get fed money for it. They are desperate and get on anything that has the possibility of being news.Can’t believe they get away with it to be honest.

Fume events are very real and are well documented. The portrayal by the article is horrible, but the events are very much real and is an issue.


The point of my post was to highlight how the media exaggerate these kind of things. In no way was I saying this was fake but very badly worded

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They’re really strong on the old 747s. Yuck!

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This is actually intentional gassing. Think about it. Thousands of people cram themselves into a tube with no way of escape. Perfect time to administer the mind control medication.


Might these be due to maintenance issues with the air conditioning system on certain aircraft?

If it does, f it.

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