Could this happen?

I was just wondering, and this is probably a very stupid topic, but could a flare gun bring down a jet? If a jet was flying low and someone shot a flare and it just so happened to get sucked into the engine, would the engine explode? I know this topic is weird but i’m just curious.

Not for a second.

Just because engines fail doesn’t mean the plane automatically crashes.


It’s highly unlikely for this to ever happen.


No way, an airplane can take bullets without losing structural integrity, a flare gun won’t do anything to it.


This ain’t a stupid topic and also a flare can’t crash an airliner.

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Okay, let me revise it. Not CRASH, but could it destroy the engine if the flare was sucked in?

I’m not an aircraft mechanic so I wouldn’t know but I would assume if shot in it would cause problems maybe not a failure.

It could somehow destroy it but not completely.

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I seriously doubt it would do much.

Well you have to keep in mind there is bunch of different fluids in a jet engine. Worst case scenario, you can have an engine fire due to extreme heat from the flare.


I agree with @Mobin_A if you shot a flare into a running jet turbine it would most likely cause an engine and worst case lite the fuel tank on fire

I think you guys need to read up a little on just how turbofans work.

A flare out of a flaregun ingested is akin to a gnat on a horse.

It would probably burn out by the time it ever reached. Like even if it was real close, it wouldn’t be strong enough. After all it is just a pocket of fire.

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