Could this be the longest non stop flight done in infinite flight?

Me and my friend just landed after a 20h long flight.
Could this be the longest flight on 1 tank, non stop?

London Heathrow to Auckland, New Zealand.


Cool shots.

I guarantee you this is not the longest. While it’s a long flight you still have a lot to go. You can find the longest ones linked below.

The longest non-stop is by @ALSHAMMARI with 61:34. The second longest is by @iidvdii with 60:14.

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How do they do 60h flights on 1 tank

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I believe I currently hold the record with 73.

Hmm. That’s crazy.

I didn’t see you anywhere on the leaderboards tho

Because posts can’t be updated after two months.

A350 or 777LR, step climb, one engine is off.

Unless it’s a wiki I believe.

I don’t know about those A350 flights but I just abused ground effect basically

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Still no. 😀

You learn something new everyday.