Could the Concorde be added

So I was wondering could the developer team think about adding the Concorde to the flight simulator. Now someone did request the Boom overture to be added but hence it isn’t in production yet, you guys won’t add it. Now seeing the Concorde will be a huge bonus to the Simulator as it marked a huge milestone in aviation history, with 100+ wealthy people being able to fly supersonic at Mach 2.2 and the Max speed recorded at Mach 2.4. The Concorde could be put in the category of Airbus as the company Aèrospatiale Became the now famous Airbus even though she was also built by the Brits Bae Systems and other companies.



Unfortunately, adding the Concorde isn’t going to be possible anytime soon, according to the devs. Please see the reply to the Concorde feature request below:


As above.