Could someone explain me about virtual airlines and related stuffs

How does that work
Feel free to explai
I am new to community

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Well, it’s what the name suggests.
It’s an organization within the game that operates as an airline. This could be a real life airline such as Ryanair, Qatar Airways, Air France/KLM etc. or it could be a completely new, creative airline. Members of the VA fly using the livery of that airline (or the group of the Airline) and fly routes of that airline using planes that commonly fly those said routes. VAs bring a lot of popularity to airlines and the countries where they are based.

There are many aspects to a VA (Virtual airline). For example, each VA has an operations manual: Describing the fleet and the routes of the airline. It has ranks for it’s pilots, and the higher you go, more the perks you have in that airline.

And the main advantage of having a virtual airline is the community events:
Community events are part of what describe the game. Each month there are at least 3-4 community events accompanied by 1 official event. Community events see A LOT of traffic in one airport.
For example, the upcoming Mumbai chaos event will see a lot of traffic coming into Mumbai airport.

Virtual Airlines are pretty difficult to start and manage, but we have the CEOs to thank for that.
Hope this answers your question and welcome to the IF community! :)


I’ve asked the same thing a couple months ago here’s the link below to the full explanation of my questions, hopefully this helps

How to join a virtual airline community

Go to the IFVARB database and check out all the VAs that currently exist. Go to the website of the VA you want to join and apply :)

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Thanks mate

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