Could Someone Do Me A Favor?

Good Evening (or whatever it is where you live),

I need to ask a favor, could someone go into Free Cam mode and take an aerial screenshot of this area (pictured below) at KORD and post it here, please?


I mean why not but why😂

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Is this good enough?

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Here is a bird’s eye angle, just in case.


Thanks everyone!


I figured someone would ask. I am planning to do a return trip to ORD so I am currently doing a “flight.”

I need the picture as the flight I am recreating taxied back to the gate in that area, and I want to make sure that that section of the airport is finished in IF as satellite imagery for ORD is all over the place with construction and everything…

@Shane & @Canadian_Aviator

Thanks for your pics, it looks like there is a break in the part of the taxiway I would need. With the taxiway map in IF, I was not sure if there was a break there or just a change in pavement type. So no return flight tonight…

Thanks again, this can be closed!

EDIT: Looks like I can go from KJAC-KDEN tomorrow on the United A320!


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